Adaptive Policies: A Long-Term Commitment to School Sector Guidance

In an era marked by the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence technologies, the imperative for effective policy guidance has grown substantially to guarantee the responsible development and deployment of AI. Amid the ever-evolving AI landscape, policymakers grapple with the strategic approach to such guidance. While Artificial Intelligence has enormous potential, it is crucial to consider its impact on the learning environment. The primary objective of integrating AI into schools is to enhance learning outcomes while safeguarding the essential role of human decision-making and judgment, thereby advocating the overarching principle of maintaining human involvement within the realm of Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED), as endorsed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC). This presentation will delve into the process of formulating tailored guidelines designed specifically for the school sector in Ireland.

Anthony Kilcoyne (IE), OIDE, Department of Education Schools’ Support Service

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